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22 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

We all know that workplace romances can be exciting! They can cause you to look forward to going to work every morning and break up the monotony of your day, but can also be quite complicated at times. Are you into your female co-worker, but find yourself wondering, "Does my coworker like me?" Let's break down the possible scenarios.

You don't want to put yourself out there, only to be rejected, followed by awkward interactions at work and gossiping around the water cooler. Now, let's say that she does feel the same way and you both agree to try a relationship and then it ends in a horrible mess. Not the most ideal situation, especially if you love where you work. The hypothetical flip side of this, is that you both feel the same way, your relationship turns out to be a success and you end up getting married and riding into the sunset together in complete bliss (cue the cheesy rom-com music).

The bottom line is that there are pros and cons to each scenario, but you will never know the outcome until you take a chance. Here are 22 signs a coworker is attracted to you. These flirty signs will bring you clarity about whether or not your female coworker sees you in her future, or if she's just looking for a work husband. If you're picking up on these signs correctly, you should also be able to dodge that dreaded rejection.

Subtle Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

#1: She smiles at you

I'm not talking about that little smirk she gives when passing every other colleague in the hallway while saying good morning under her breath. I'm talking about when you walk into the room and she lights up and smiles from ear to ear, or when she can't help herself smiling while listening to you speak. Look around the office and notice the way Fran, the 60 year old from accounting smiles at you, compared to how your possible crush smiles at you. There's a big difference, you just have to pay attention to it!

#2: She finds reasons to be around you

Have you ever noticed that when you're in the kitchen making a coffee, she happens to be in the kitchen as well warming up her lunch? Or that you seem to ride the elevator together A LOT ? If these things happen all the time, they're not coincidences. When a female enjoys your company, she will go out of her way to spend time with you, even if that means making an extra trip to the bathroom, just so she can bump into you in the hallway.

#3: She makes eye contact

Do you look across the room and catch that female coworker gazing at you? Does she hold that gaze just a little bit longer than usual, or smile and blush out of embarrassment when you make eye contact? When women find someone really attractive, or are thinking about them, they gaze at them sometimes without even noticing. Believe me, it's a good sign!

#4: She makes physical contact

Not all women are affectionate, but when we have a crush on someone and we want them to know, we tend to be a bit more touchy-feely. If she reaches out and touches your arm while laughing at one of your horrible dad jokes, fixes your hair when it's out of place, or pulls her chair up so close that your legs are brushing against each other, these are definitely signs of flirting. Ask yourself, does she do this with everyone in the office? If not, your co-worker might like you.

#5: She compliments you

It feels good to compliment someone, especially when it puts a smile on their face and boosts their confidence. When she compliments a picture on your desk, or the new shirt you're wearing to work, or the way you laugh, she's doing it intentionally. Women notice the little things and verbal affirmations are just another form of flirting.

#6: She talks about you to other coworkers

This is definitely not the most obvious way of letting someone know that you like them, but in a shared environment, such information is bound to travel. When a woman is digging on a man, she enjoys talking about him and wants to share those feelings with her work friends. Was she hoping that it would remain a secret, or secretly hoping that it would be leaked to you? It doesn't even matter. Either way, she's talking about you in a positive light and that's a great sign.

#7: When other people in the office are starting to notice

We usually believe that we have our crush under wraps, but it's far more noticeable than we think. Besides, the long days can get boring, so gossiping about love affairs within the office kills the time. If your colleagues are noticing, then she is being pretty obvious. It also usually means that they see the chemistry and energy between the two of you. So, if you're worried about the boss finding out, don't bother. They usually know before you do ;)

#8: She does sweet things

Nothing says I like you, like a coffee delivery in the morning, or a note on your desk when you're having a stressful day. The fact that she memorized your coffee order and is thinking about you before she even gets to work and went out of her way to make your stress filled day a little bit better, means a lot. If she was bringing coffees to everyone in the office on a daily basis, I would say that she's just a really nice person and maybe the gesture is just friendly, but if it's only for you, she obviously thinks that you stand out in the crowd.

#9: She remembers details about you

How many conversations have you had at work just to pass the time, or to be nice to that new hire, only to forget everything they told you the very next day? Why is that? Sometimes we're not giving that person 100% of our attention because we're not invested and besides, it's just small talk right? Well, if she remembers stories that you've told her, facts about your upbringing and the goals you have for your future, that means that she's giving you her undivided attention. She's invested in getting to know you better.

#10: She gives you a nickname

Whether you like her chosen nickname for you or not, it's still endearing. A nickname is very similar to a pet name in the sense that it's personalized and something only you two share. If she's come up with a nickname for the two of you as a pair, even better! It may be cheeky, embarrassing, or even nerdy, but if it makes you laugh, then her attempts are working. Pay attention to the meaning behind the nickname too.

#11: She sits next to you at lunch, or in a meeting

This seems like a pretty subtle sign, but it's just another attempt to be close to you and possibly finish that conversation from earlier. There are multiple seats in the board room to choose from and even more lunch options, but she chose to sit beside YOU. When someone wants to spend time with you, it's usually because you make them feel good. Maybe you make her laugh, or make her feel safe, or give her those nervous feelings. Either way keep doing what you're doing, because it's working.

#12: She remembers special occasions

When we were kids birthdays were a BIG deal. Your parents would pick a theme and invite all your school friends over to celebrate. The older we get the less flashy these birthday celebrations become and they tend to be more intimate. Heck, you're lucky if your parents call you and your workplace includes you in the office calendar. It's a nice gesture, but who really cares if Brad, the new intern turned 25 today, am I right? If your female coworker remembers your birthday, gets you a little gift, or even plans a work party for you, that's a sign that she's interested in you.

#13: She's nervous when you're around

Just because your female co-worker might like you, it doesn't mean that she wants you to know that she feels this way. She may be embarrassed about her feelings, not comfortable exploring a relationship at the office, unsure that you feel the same way, or may just be tongue tied when you're around. In this case she may avoid eye contact, her body language might shift away from you and you will notice signs of nervousness when you're around.

#14: Her voice changes

There is definitely a difference between the way we speak to our boss and the way we speak to our loved ones. When she's speaking to you, does her speech pattern slow down, her pitch get a little higher and her words more intentional? These are all things that can shift when we're talking to someone that we care about. Also, notice how talkative she is before and after you join a group conversation. She may seem more engaged once you show up.

Obvious Signs A female Coworker Likes You