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The Pros & Cons Of Dating During A Worldwide Pandemic

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Almost 2 years later, who could have predicted that we would still be dealing with the side effects of a worldwide pandemic? Being single during this time has its own struggles. How many times did you hear your married friends say, "you're so lucky! I would give anything to live alone for a while, or to have a break from my kids, or an office separate from my spouse". The grass is always greener right? Of course there are definitely perks to living alone, but the reality of true loneliness, not having someone around to emotionally support you through these unpredictable times, no one to help carry the financial burdens, having little to no physical touch and no in person socialization for an extended period of time, has serious negative effects. Here are some pros and cons about dating during and after a global pandemic. Let's start with the positives first…