Singles Game Night FAQ’s


What is Virtual Speed Dating?

It is just like traditional in person speed dating, but in the comfort of your home from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Just like in-person events, you’ll have a host to assist you. You will be able to privately chat with a new date every 7 minutes and select those whom you would like to match with anonymously.

How do I register for the event?

Simply by clicking on the register button on the event page. It will bring you to a secure payment page where you can purchase your ticket online and reserve your spot. Upon purchase, you’ll be sent a confirmation, followed by details on how to attend your virtual speed dating event.

Can I attend the event using a cell phone, tablet or computer?

Absolutely! You can attend the event using any of the devices listed above. Please ensure the camera and microphone are turned on and working before the event begins.

What if I don’t fall into the age category for this event?

We allow 1-2 years leeway on the age range listed for the event, however all participants must be a minimum of 18 years old at the time of purchase. Our events cater to all different age groups, so check back often for new events.

What time should I show up to the event?

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the event start time. Once the matching portion of the event begins, you will not be able to join, plus you don’t want to miss the host’s instructions. This also allows a few minutes to set up your avatar and check to see that your camera and microphone are on and working properly.

Can I change the name and look of my avatar?

Yes you can! Simply Click on your name at the bottom of the screen to change it. I would suggest only using your first name, to allow for privacy. You can also click on the picture of you at the bottom to change your character, as well as your clothing. Have fun with it!

How does my avatar work?

you can use the arrow keys to move your avatar around the space. There will be arrows on the floor to guide you and different rooms you can enter. When you get close to another guest a video chat pops up so you can interact with them. When you walk away from that person, the video and sound begins to fade away. You are able to chat in groups as well by standing close to each other. This platform simulates a real in person bar experience. There will also be items around the space that are highlighted in yellow, which means you can interact with them. Simply walk up to those items, click the X key and a new window with pop up.

Can I message people during the event?

Absolutely! There is a chat along the left side of the screen that allows you to message the whole group, or message someone privately, by clicking on their avatar. This is a great feature when you want to invite someone to a game, or show them a cool feature in the space.

Will there be games at this event?

Absolutely! There will be several game tables that you can visit during the mix and mingle portion of the event. You can play these games one on one, or choose to play as a group. Different games will allow for a different number of players.

What if I purchased a ticket, but can no longer make it?

All sales are final. If you cancel within 24 hours of purchase, you will be given a credit to use towards a future online speed dating event. If we feel that we do not have an adequate number of participants to run the event successfully, you will be given a credit towards a future event.

What if I have no idea what to say to my date?

Don’t worry, we know that nerves can sometimes get the best of you, so we have your back! There will be conversation starters posted throughout the space, or in the group chat area. Feel free to use those whenever you feel the need. They are there to help you connect with your dates.

Will I be able to chat privately with my prospective dates?

Yes. The first portion of the event includes one on one speed dating and then opens up to a mix and mingle portion. Each date will be approximately 5 to 7 minutes in length.

Will I be on my own or will there be a host there to assist me?

The moment you enter your virtual speed dating event, you will be greeting by the event host and given instructions. Your host will be there for the duration of the evening to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can also reach your event host at any time prior to the event by email ing (

What if someone is being inappropriate?

We have less than zero tolerance for any behaviour that is inappropriate, uncomfortable, or offensive. If you experience this type of behaviour from a fellow dater, simply notify the event host by visiting them in the virtual space, or private messaging them through the event chat. Our host will be available throughout the evening and easily accessible.

How do I match with someone that I'm interested in seeing again?

Just like with regular in-person speed dating, please make a note of the people you are interested in and submit them to the host after the event is complete. If you have any mutual matches your information will be exchanged within 48 hours of the event.

Can I exchange information with someone at the event?

We do discourage you from asking to exchange information during our events. One of advantages of speed dating, is not having to awkwardly decline such a request. We want our daters to feel comfortable and relaxed. If they wish to meet a dater again, they can choose to do so at their own pace and by anonymously notifying the host once the event has come to an end.

What if I want more time with my date?

Once the speed dating portion is complete, the party moves over to the virtual bar, which means that you can connect with people for a second time, just like you were socializing at a bar in person. We encourage you to mix and mingle with several people. This is an opportunity to get to know people you would not normally meet.

How do I get banned from your event?

Simply put, we have zero tolerance for any behaviour that makes a fellow dater uncomfortable, or our DateStruck staff. We understand that our daters may have different opinions in regards to who they find attractive and what they're looking for in a partner, however meeting a new friend, or learning something from a new business contact can be just as rewarding as meeting a potential partner. We ask you to enter the space with an open heart and a curious mind.

What if the event is sold out?

We would love to be able to accomodate everyone, however in order to keep our events at a comfortable length and ensure that everyone gets a chance to meet, we must have a limit on the number of participants. You can email to be put on the waitlist for a particular event that is sold out. Tickets tend to go quickly, so we encourage you to check the website often for new event listings.

How many people can I expect to meet?

Our virtual events vary in size and theme. We typically have anywhere from 14-50 singles register for any given event.

Will I be recorded?

You will absolutely not be recorded during your one on one dates. Daters can feel secure in knowing any information or details exchanged are private and at your discretion. DateStruck may record the group portion of the event for promotional purposes.

Does the browser I use matter?

Yes it does! We highly recommend that you use Chrome for all of our virtual events for compatibility reasons. If you use another browser, or are in an area with slow internet, we can not be responsibe for poor connections, or delays.