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Are you interested in being a part of the DateStruck family, by sponsoring one of our events? We're always excited to collaborate with new companies and brands to bring the best events and experiences to our clients. Our sponsorship packages are below.

Hi, my name is Shantelle Canzanese and I’m a dating coach and  the owner of DateStruck. A company based out of Toronto that offers worldwide, online date coaching, workshops for singles, and unique single events. We are currently looking for partnerships for our upcoming events. Could your company and your brand be the perfect fit?

My upcoming events for 2022 include an array of unique ideas, creating a fun and exciting space for our attendees. Our mission is to change the perception of singles events. It doesn't have to be nerve racking, or stuffy, or disappointing. It can be an event that includes group speed dating, a mixer, a comedy show, games night, activities and the list goes on and on. We don't just connect couples, we connect new friends as well. Expanding your inner circle, trying new things and being around like minded individuals has always been one of the best ways to meet your potential match. Plus,  you never know who that new friend is going to introduce you to. 


After the last two years, I know that the single community can't wait to get offline and start meeting people face to face. Now more than ever people are craving real connection and I'm here to prove that true compatibility and love is still very possible, even during a global pandemic. Join me on my mission to change the face of modern dating one event at a time.


Please visit our singles events page, to see what we have coming up next!


My Goals :

  • To start hosting in person singles events in the new year and continue to give my attendees a unique, fun and memorable experience


  • To help people navigate dating during and after a global pandemic and to show them that is is still possible to find love during these difficult times

  • To create entertaining and special events that are different than what’s currently out there. We want our events to be anything, but typical

  • To offer great prizes and perks to our attendees to keep them engaged, spreading the word and coming back for more!


Sponsorship in greatly important when it comes to these types of events. It allows me to design bigger and better experiences and offers an added bonus for the attendees. For the sponsor, it enhances brand recognition, drives sales and social media growth, lead generation and allows for market research, just to name a few.  There are different levels of involvement for sponsorship. Below you'll find several options to choose from. Have something else in mind? Reach out because we're always willing to listen to new ideas and offers.