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Modern Dating Made Simple

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me in a nutshell

Shantelle comes from a diverse business background. Starting as an actress and television host and then transitioning into the makeup and hair department within the entertainment industry. She now finds herself in a place that feels a lot like serendipity.

One thing that has always remained constant is that she loves love and is a self proclaimed hopeless romantic. I mean, why else would she have not given up on love amidst the common and often brutal modern dating practices a long time ago right?

It was through her own personal dating experiences and her raw yet comical dating vlog that has introduced her to an industry that has the potential to be transformative and even life changing. It's no surprise that she feels passionately about coaching others in the dating process. Throughout the years she has experimented with every form of dating. She has been on average dates, mind blowing dates, jaw dropping dates and has the stories and life lessons to

Me In A Nutshell

what we do

1 on 1 Date Coaching

Whether you've been struggling with online dating for a while, or are fresh out of a divorce and have no idea how to start over, my one on one, personalized coaching will bring you clarity and the confidence you need to find what you deserve


We're changing the dynamics of dating one singles event at a time. The goal is to find that face to face chemistry and compatibility without the pressure and stigma of a typical singles event. Our events are fun, inventive and will allow you to experience new things with other eligible bachelors and


Group Workshops/

Our group workshops cover a multitude of dating topics and allow single men and women a safe space to learn, grow and connect with other like minded individuals. Click on the services button for details on our upcoming workshops

Profile Makeovers

Your dating profile is your first impression and in a world where dating is mostly digital, it's that much more important! If your profile doesn't show the best version of you, that turns into countless missed opportunities. We know you hate writing a bio and choosing pics, so

let us do the work for you and set

you up for success!

Profile Photography

Everyone knows the importance of a good profile picture. It's the difference between a swipe to the left and a swipe to the right. If choosing the right photos has been a struggle for you in the past, let our resident photographer do the work for you by capturing your personality and style and telling 

the story of you, through

memorable images.

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